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Custom Fields

Customizable Profiles on Honeycommb are an incredible way to add more fidelity and depth to user profiles ultimately making profile an increasingly interesting and exciting experience for your audience to engage with across both Mobile and Web properties.

Custom Fields Overview
  • 1. Customizable Profiles
    Increase the relevance of the user profile with your brand and display fields that are unique to your people.
  • 2. Data Capture
    With more relevant fields on user profiles, capture unique data points with each field acting as a sortable and exportable data point tied to a user record.
  • 3. People + User Curation
    When you understand more about your people and your audience, you’re empowered to more effectively curate and manage people in your community.
  • 4. Social Links
    Directly leverage existing social accounts and display them on user profiles. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are all options that are directly linked and displayed on the user profile and open via the in-app web browser.
  • 5. Custom Links
    Don’t want to link to a social account? No problem. Custom fields can be linked to anywhere on the web. Leverage a web-based portfolio or another destination tied to your communication objectives.
  • 6. Group Display
    Groups are highlighted and displayed with the corresponding branding and coloring making it simple for users to directly engage.
  • 7. Create Unique Segments
    Use custom fields to create community architecture by leveraging segmentation, filtering and breakdown tools in your Control Center. You can also batch add users into groups according to their responses.
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