Request a Demo Network

Are you further down the decision process for launching a Honeycommb network and want a demo network that you and your colleagues can explore? Great! Please complete the form below and a sales manager will get in touch with you ASAP.

  • When will I hear from someone?
    Soon :) We review each request as they come in. We want to make sure folks are serious before we spend the time setting up their network and communicating with them. Once we review, set up is very quick.
  • How long do I have to use the demo network?
    Typically, 14 days. We feel that's enough time for you and your colleagues to get a "feel" for the platform and Honeycommb as a partner. BUT - we've been know to extend this time period on a case-by-case basis. We know some organizations take longer then others to green-light new initiatives.
  • Will we get our own branded demo mobile apps?
    No, but you can experience your network on the Honeycommb mobile app just as it would work on your own dedicated, branded mobile apps.
  • Can I turn the demo network into our permanent one?
    No. This would be purely for demo purposes. If you want to move forward with a Honeycommb network, and we expect you will, we'll create your very own network for you as you request it.
  • What happens to our demo networks after 14 days
    We put it in a capsule and launch it into space aimed directly at the sun! Nah, we just delete it. We don't retain any of the content or data whatsoever.