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Custom Domain

A custom domain is an easy way to brand your network and further white-label your web app. Using your own custom domain for your network to provide your members with a fully-branded experience.

Custom Domain Overview
  • 1. Customize Your Community Domain
    Standard Honeycommb communities are provided with a Honeycommb network URL for their web app. Don't want that? No problem, with Honeycommb, you can easily use your own custom domain.
  • 2. Brand
    Using a custom domain for your Honeycommb web application lets you keep your brand at the forefront of this amazing network you're providing for your people. You brand should get all the credit - and it does with Honeycommb!
  • 3. SEO
    For Open/Public networks only, gain SEO credibility by having even more content sit under your primary domain. Web crawlers love diverse content and your network is sure to have lots of that!
  • 4. Custom Subdomain
    Your Honeycommb web application can even be pointed to a sub-domain of your primary domain - like, social.mybrand.com or app.mybrand.com! This keeps your primary domain in tact while keeping your brand in tact by making sure your Honeycommb web application sits on your custom domain.
  • 5. "Community" Website Section
    Add a "community" section to your website. Your Honeycommb web application comes with custom login and registration ready to go so you can capture every visitor that comes to your site and make them a community member.
With Honeycommb you get a team of highly skilled people that continuously supports and improves the entire platform - like the feature above!

Get started launching your own Honeycommb custom social network now.