Ready to commit to Honeycommb and launch your network with iOS, Android and Web apps? Great!

Before we create them and add them to the app stores, you'll need to;
  • Complete the "Launch Form"
  • Agree to Terms
  • Pay Your Launch Fee
  • Honeycommb builds & launches your apps!
Launch Form
Complete the Launch Form to start your launch process. Only complete this form if your are certain & ready to launch your network.

Once you've completed the Launch Form, we will follow up with a term sheet requiring your signature along with a link to pay your launch fee.
    Required Information & Assets
  • Official Business Name & Address
  • App Name & Descriptions
  • Brand Art (Logo, etc.)
Want to try Honeycommb free for 14 days? Create your community now within the Honeycommb app. You can upgrade to branded apps at any time and bring all your members, content, and data with you.

A few things to note...
  • Your network will be *within* the Honeycommb app
  • Upgrade to a branded app at any point
  • Invite others to join your community
Create Your Network
You can use any of the Honeycommb apps below to create your community. Once you do, we'll follow up with a link to your Control Center. Remember, you can upgrade to branded apps at any time.
Experience Honeycommb as a community member
Get your hands sticky in our demo community, HoneyJar
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We'd love to connect with you regarding any questions you may have about the Honeycommb platform. We get it. It's a big, powerful platform that has a lot to it!

Helpful Resources;
Complete the form and a Honeycommb Success Manager will get back to you ASAP.
– Angela S. from Humble Acres
This was the simplest process I have ever experienced with B2B. I can’t express enough the gratitude we have for Honeycommb creating such a seamless process.