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Honeycommb is great for brands who want to truly own, engage, and activate their loyal audience.

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Are you the leader of a community that needs its own space to stay connected? Are facebook groups and other solutions NOT a good *fit*?

Honeycommb might be for you.
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Corporations, clubs, alumni networks, non-profits - connecting and engaging your group adds an incredible amount of value for everyone.

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Don't quite fit in any of the categories? We'd still love to hear from you and what you're looking to accomplish.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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What do I get with Honeycommb?
iOS app in Apple App Store, Android app in Google Play Store, a secure web app, Control Center for complete administration, and full access to the Honeycommb Team. In addition to the apps, website, and control center, Honeycommb takes care of everything in the background i.e. security, storage, backup, scalability, deployment engine, quality assurance, API and services - so you can focus on your community.
What are the differences between public and private?
Public or private is dependent on the type of community you’re looking for. Content, members, and access is available to any users in a public community, but the same is not true for Private. With a private community, the community admin or moderator has the ability to restrict access to view and engage with content to only those that are allowed.
Will you help us with launch?
Absolutely! We're experts in the assets required to launch, to onboarding your audience, and helping you get the most of a platform that's meant to gather and engage your audience.
What kind of ongoing support will I get?
You can expect world-class support from your Honeycommb Success Manager. We’re here to help you build your community into a successful and engaged community. Whether it’s growth, engagement, communication or anything in between, we’re here to make sure you have everything you need to build a blossoming community.
What aspects of the applications can I brand?
We take pride in making sure that your community fits the brand standards that you’ve set forth. Whether you’re starting a new brand or using an established brand, you can customize the App Store Listing Page, App Icon, the Onboarding Experience, the “Like” Icon, Feed Banner, the Default Experiences and other small details to make your community custom. The best news? The Honeycommb team will be right there to make sure you’re assets are in tip-top shape for the best user experience.
Do we get all the available features?
The short answer is “yes.” However, we do reserve the right to scale future features relative to the costs associated to providing them. Our “Live!” feature, for example, is a costly service and may be limited in the future. Nevertheless, it's our position to be transparent and fair in our pricing as reflected in our current model.
How long does it take to get the applications in the app stores?
It takes less than one day to get Android and web applications live. Apple has a review process for all new applications that can take up to four days but typically takes less than two.

How do we launch apps so fast? We've built a powerful automation engine to efficiently launch, manage, and improve many applications at scale. Translation... "We're good!" ;-)
Why should I have my own custom social app vs live on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc?
Because YOUR audience is important and when you gather that audience on other social platforms they're not "yours." You’re renting THEIR audiences attention (at best); THEY control your user’s data, THEY limit reach to your audience, and THEY make you spend money in hopes of targeting “specific” audiences according to THEIR parameters. You're also subject to any changes THEY want to make in the future - changes that could easily affect your brand/business. And how long until they become uncool (Facebook). Stop spending money adding value to THEIR platforms and spend it on your own!
Who has access to control my community?
When it comes to your community, you’re in charge. As the community administrator you have the ability to determine the permission settings and levels of individuals on your team that moderate or interact with your community.

With your community, you have the ability to control everything from the App Store visuals, to the onboarding experience or down to smaller details in the user experience; for example the “like” icon. All of this is done through the Control Center in real time!
Are services included in the pricing?
Sometimes you want something a little bit extra? That’s okay, we’re here to help! Some teams and larger communities require a bit of help when it comes to creative services, growth services, paid media programs, community administration and management services and other day-to-day activations. For details regarding add-on services, reach out to us, we’d love to help:
Are you GDPR compliant?
Entirely. We became compliant before all other major social platforms. We stay current with all international government requirements in concern to online and stored user information. You also have the ability to effect the Terms of Service your members agree to.
Still have more questions about how the Honeycommb social network platform can help your organization? Get in touch.