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Completing this form means you’re ready & committed to launching your community; Mobile & web apps owned, controlled, and branded by you.

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Honeycommb requires your branded community to be a part of a legal business entity to launch, own and manage/control
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Honeycommb requires contact information to initially set up your network in order to facilitate launch and management
ex. (555) 555-5555
Network/App Details
We need a bit of information to get your network created. Don't worry, we'll confirm all of this information with you before we create and launch your any of your apps.

We will help you create your app store assets (if needed). Please upload your networks logo and any other art files you think will be helpful.

You can read more about community artwork here.
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Optional Customizations
Because Honeycommb is the most complete community platform in the world, we make a number of affordances optional. Select the optional add-ons that you wish to apply to your network. You can always add or remove these items later on.
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Publish apps to your developer account

Honeycommb can publish your iOS and Android app to your own developer accounts on Apple App & Google Play stores. This is for networks that want to maintain complete brand ownership over their applications.

Custom domain

Use your own custom domain for your web application to further brand your community and provide your members with a fully-branded experience.

Email masking

To further control the branded experience for your transactional emails, Honeycommb can mask our email domain to add yours.

Custom help site

To further control the branded experience for your community, have your very own branded help site where you can create your own guidelines and resources.

Remove Honeycommb Branding

Remove all instances of Honeycommb branding throughout all applications and email.

White label bundle

All of the customization add-ons above are a part of the White Label Bundle at a reduced rate.


This option provides you the tools needed to charge your community members for access to your network, features and content.