Give your letterwinners a simple, modern way to engage with you & each other.

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  • Michigan Letterwinners M Club
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Honeycommb is a mobile-first, feature rich, custom social network platform that serves as a highly effective audience engagement channel focused on one thing... your letterwinners club.

Get Connected

At the heart of Honeycommb is its ability to connect people who have a shared life experience or interest. The purity of subject matter as the context for the network (your letterwinners club) creates the best environement for meaningful engagement that other social networks simply can not provide.

Not only does Honeycommb connect you to your audience, it connects your audience members to each other allowing them to share their love and passion for your club in a way they couldn’t before.

Communicate with ease

There are many ways to use Honeycommb as a powerful communication and media channel. From Groups - to easily creating rich-media posts - to going Live! - to using our Control Center to send custom push notifications to a few members or the entire community!

Unlike email and snail-mail - Honeycommb provides effective ways to communicate with your audience. Easily activate targeted marketing, event, and donation campaigns.

And so much more

Honeycommb is a custom solution directed by your objectives. How you use it is up to you. Others have used it to solve for;

  • Donations
  • Event Marketing
  • Career Networking
  • Community Feedback
  • Announcements
  • and so much more...
Let's Chat

Community engagement and connecting people more deeply to things they love and are passionate about is where Honeycommb excels - a perfect fit for letterwinners clubs.

We’re not pushy sales people. We’re just excited you’re interested in some way and we’d love to show you around and answer your questions. Don't be shy - get in touch!

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