Create a space for your audience to easily connect and engage with one another.

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Take control of the communication, engagement and growth of your audience on social and connect your people to the things that they care most about.

Build Community

Over time, major social platforms have diluted the experience that makes social special: Community. Because of the wide, general focus of macro-social environments, users are challenged to dive deeper on the focus that they care most about.

A powerful community is an engaged community. Leverage and grow that power by increasing audience engagement through higher frequency touchpoints with the dynamic experience inside your community.

Unite Your Audience

Whether your audience is centrally located or spread globally, sub-categories exist to bring together groups, supporter clubs or geographically located affiliates; all of which exist to unite and connect your people.

Often times, these sub-categorized audiences are dispersed and the conversations that exist live and die within the context of their group. Using Honeycommb, bring those groups together and create an unprecedented level of access to other fans in the community.

Create Context To Change Behavior

Social Behavior changes based on the environment in which a user exists. Your audience is less likely to share their passion and excitement when the audience is their intimate friends and family. If they’re apart of a social community with other like-minded fans, they’re much more likely to consistently engage, communicate and share unique perspectives and content towards this new audience.

Let your fans share their true passion for the brand and create content in a moderated space that’s entirely free of trolls, harmful users and hateful speech.

Truly Own Your Audience

The power of reaching 100% of your audience through social is within reach. An algorithm is no longer the middleman between you and the people you want to communicate with. As the community owner, you’re in the driver's seat with how you communicate with your audience. With communication as a primary focus, you’re also taking advantage of owning all data, media, content, distribution and exposure of your community.

Take A Piece of Real Estate

Having a mobile-first community empowers brands with more than just a custom social network, but rather the ability to maintain a piece of real estate on the devices of each and every audience member. Having an application is a dedicated channel to reach all of your users with a few simple clicks.

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Audience engagement and connecting people more deeply to things they love and are passionate about is where Honeycommb excels - a perfect fit for sports organizations of many kinds.

We’re not pushy sales people. We’re just excited you’re interested in some way and we’d love to show you around and answer your questions. Don't be shy - get in touch!

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