Honeycommb is taking online social communities
and social scale to the next level.

The Honeycommb social platform gives valuable communities the chance to thrive online by providing an environment they can cultivate and benefit from without giving anything away.

Your Community

Your audience is valuable. Their participation with your brand is valuable. Don't give that away to other social networks that don't have your best interests in mind.

Complete Control

Steer your brand and how your audience interacts with it. Honeycommb comes with administrative tools that give you complete authority over your community.

Mobile & Web

Honeycommb is a cloud based service with app and Web coverage for all devices and browsers and administrative tools that can be accessed from anywhere.

Rich Insight

Knowing how your community behaves means knowing how, where, and what to apply your effort and dollars to in order to keep your audience engaged.

Infield Chatter

Infield Chatter opens up the world of major league baseball like no other application out there.

Little Monsters

Little Monsters is a place for all fans of Lady Gaga to gather, create, and to inspire.