Honeycommb for Membership

Honeycommb combines the power of community with your membership business, delivering more value to your members and more viability for you to make the membership experience you provide extraordinary!

6 Reasons why Honeycommb is the best community-first membership solution

The Honeycommb + Membership is perfect for businesses where community sits at the center. Your branded network, media channel, communication platform, and revenue generator all rolled into one!

  1. Revenue Day 1

    Honeycommb is quickest way to launch a branded community with membership to start earning day 1.

  2. All Platforms

    Create powerful assets, branded apps active in Apple & Google apps stores, and a destination for your people across all platforms.

  3. All-in-one

    Manage your entire community and membership under one roof. You have control over every aspect of your community through Honeycommb's Control Center.

  4. Your Plan

    Create a custom membership plan specific to the value-proposition and offerings you want to deliver to your members.

  5. Fast Payouts

    Payouts and transactions are sent directly to your Stripe account upon the completion of payment, so your payouts are immediate.

  6. More Opportunity

    Diversify how your business generates sustainable, consistent revenue with the sale of digital goods on a platform you own and control.