Full Feature ListAll you need to capture, grow, and engage your community.

  1. Full Stack
    There is a TON of infrastructure underneath all of our products that we continuously maintain and improve. From security, to storage, to load balancing, to backup - we’ve got it all covered.
  2. iOS App
    A beautiful, feature-rich, native iOS application, including updates and all the support required to maintain good standing with Apple - not to mention your audience always being connected wherever they go.
  3. Android App
    Ditto here on the native Android application. We adjust each application to suit it native platform so that your users, iOS or Android, are familiar and comfortable with the controls. We’re good like that.
  4. Web App
    Sure, mobile has taken over the world (and we've got that covered) but the web ain’t dead! The web application can open up your content to wonderful SEO because it’s accessible, sharable, and bot-indexable.
  5. Control Center
    The Honeycommb Control Center is a powerful tool to manage all aspects of your community. It’s an anlaytics platform, a CMS, a user roles system, and much more all rolled into one. Your brand, your members, your rules.
  6. Release Pipeline
    Weekly or bi-weekly deployments of new features and functionality across Android, iOS, Web and Control center directly into the hands of your community managers and users.
  7. Your Dev Account
    Don't want your app listed under the Honeycommb developer accounts in the Apple or Google Play apps stores? We can deliver our apps to your developer accounts, keeping your brand in full control.
  8. Administrators
    Have multiple people managing your community? No problem. Add as many administrators, with different administrative capabilities, as you need.
  9. Translations
    Honeycommb's consumer applications are multilingual. If your preferred language isn't currently supported, we can work with you to make it so!
  10. Private or Public
    The Honeycommb platform works beautifully for both large, public, open communities and communities that require more control over who can become a member and participate.
  11. Membership
    The Honeycommb + Membership is perfect for businesses where community sits at the center. Your branded network, media channel, communication platform, and revenue generator all rolled into one!
  12. SSO
    Use Single Sign On so your members can use their login credentials at your organization to create and access your Honeycommb social network. Requires minimal development support from your team.
  13. Webhooks
    Webhooks are a powerful tool used by marketers and community owners to leverage the events and actions that happen inside the Honeycommb platform with tools and platforms externally.
  14. Pure White Label
    From custom onboarding to colors used throughout the application, your brand is in charge. Easily change any number of assets on the fly for a more fresh and exciting experience for your users.
  15. Custom Domain
    Your web app will sit at [yourbrand].honeycomm.com. Want it to sit on your primary domain? No sweat. With a little collaboration between you and our developers, we can do that for you.
  16. Branded Help Center
    For a complete, pure white-label solution, brand the help center that comes with your Honeycommb platform and create & publish your own help documentation.
  17. Email Masking
    Instead of transactional emails, like password reset emails, coming from a @honeycommb[dot]com they can from your domain address for a fully branded experience.
  18. Moderation
    Honeycommb’s Control Center makes member and content moderation a very actionable task for any administrator. Flag, ban, edit, delete, sort, filter, search… it’s all there.
  19. Pre-approve
    For private communities, already have a list of audience members you’re going to invite? Add them to the pre-approvals list to allow them to enter without a need for an approval once they’ve registered.
  20. T.O.S. Management
    Our system identified edits to your terms of service and requires that members, upon opening the app, are required to agree to those terms before they can enter your community.
  21. User Management
    From entry approval processes, to deleting, editing, and banning, you have access and control over every user that has registered to be a member in your network.
  22. Custom Fields
    Create custom fields for your members to fill out. This creates the ability for your members to express themselves and for the system and you to better target members based on field responses.
  23. CMS
    Honeycommb not only drives user generated content to continuously add value to your network, of which you have complete control over, you can also schedule and publish content right from the control center.
  24. Custom Onboarding
    Using the Control Center, you can customize the onboarding experience for new users who download your app to fit your brand and to get them excited to join and participate in your community.
  25. Custom Notifications
    Push targeted, scheduled, custom notifications that link back to your network when you’ve got something important you want a user, a group of users, or the entire network to see and interact with.
  26. App Store Listings
    Update your App Store product page listings with Apple & Google directly from the control center. App store optimization is completely your in hands with this level of control!
  27. Registration
    Honeycommb captures all the necessary information for network membership, including compliance, in as easy-to-use experience. For some, social registration through Twitter and Facebook, is also available.
  28. Dynamic Feed
    Your users Home feed is a dynamic, curated content feed from profiles, accounts, and groups they chose to “Add to Home” (follow), creating more of a custom, enjoyable experience for your members.
  29. Auto-Follows
    We’ve found that it’s a good idea to improve new member’s first experience with your network by having them follow key accounts in the network. Easily create a list of key accounts that every new members follows.
  30. Member Content
    Your members add value to your network by post content; text, links, gifs, images, video, and Live! Our system distributes that content in many ways, promoting healthy engagement throughout.
  31. Feature Content
    Administrators can choose to feature anywhere from 1-3 pieces of content that will be prioritized to the top of every members home feed, giving you control to highlight pieces of content you think everyone should see.
  32. Discover UX
    Honeycommb’s proprietary Discover UX is a fun browsing experience that allows your members to discover members and content based on filters and a dynamic trending algorithms.
  33. Livestream
    Honeycommb has the best Livestream and Broadcast solution of any community platform. It's native (built-in) and beautiful. Learn more...
  34. Production Broadcasting!
    Delivery production-quality Live broadcast content to your community with platforms you're already using - like Zoom, OBS and others.
  35. Threaded Conversations
    Smart transactional notifications keep your community members informed & engaged, pulling them back into your community to be a part of and add value to conversations.
  36. Search
    Members can see a directory of and search through verified members, regular members, hashtags, and groups. It’s a great, simple way for members to discover other members in the network.
  37. Search Tracking
    Understand the search behavior in-app of users and what they’re looking for in your community.
  38. Member Profiles
    Every member gets their own personalized profile in your network. Their posts, activity, bio, and group memberships are nicely displayed along with the ability for others to follow them and get notifications when they post.
  39. Activities
    Your members are informed via system notifications and a primary “Activities” area of all the activity (follows, likes, comments, replies, etc.) that’s happening on their content and profile.
  40. Verified Members
    Members can be “verified” in your network, a definition you create and a distinction you’re in control of. Verified members are content are elevated in your system with more pronounced distribution.
  41. Member Settings
    Members can manage their profile and application settings, including email, password, mobile and web notifications, connected social networks, and profile information all on their own.
  42. Direct Messaging
    Your network is a microcosm of people who share either a similar interest or organization - a meaningful reason to be connected. Direct messaging allows them to have private conversations.
  43. Groups
    Groups is a great way to further organize members, content, and events in your network. Honeycommb’s groups feature is a rich system of group types, white-labeling, and settings.
  44. Real-Time Chat
    Your members can chat real-time, at any scale, inside our custom chat experience. We paid close attention at making this user experience one that isn’t overwhelming and enjoyable to be a part of.
  45. Customizable Menu
    Your members have easy access to a “slide out” menu that you can customize with up to three different menu items that link to whatever you choose to customize, like your ecommerce website, events calendar, HR platform and more.
  46. Tool Tips
    Our automated tool tips improve new member onboarding to your community by calling out and describing features & functionality.
  47. RSS Feed Reader
    Automatically share content to your community through RSS feeds to improve your content game and allow consistent and automated publishing of content.
  48. Content Sharing
    Turn content sharing on or off for your members. If it’s on, your members can share any piece of content to their profiles in other social networks like Twitter and Facebook.
  49. Flag Content
    Your members can flag content that they think is inappropriate, leaving a good bit of the community management up to your community. Flagged content will send a notification to administrators.
  50. Email Integration
    Honeycommb integrates with the most popular email platforms, like Mailchimp, so you can manage your registered members email list from Honeycommb to your favorite Email Management System.
  51. Sponsored Posts
    Do you have an open/public network with a sizable audience and marketing partners interested in placing ads in your network? Use the sponsored post feature and our post analytics to track views and clicks.
  52. Analytics
    Honeycommb has integrated analytics for tracking activity on users, posts, notifications and many other things. We continue to improve and add to our proprietary analytics platform.
  53. Google Analytics Integration
    Install your Google Tag on your Honeycommb web application to learn more about your visitors and they're behavior.
  54. Analytics Email
    Honeycommb provides a weekly or monthly analytics email that reports on high-level member, content, and engagement metrics.
  55. Attribution Tracking
    We work with companies like AppsFlyer and Adjust to provide the best insight into where your users are coming from and how to optimize your channel acquisition.
  56. Data Backups
    Your data is securely backed up and stored in the case that you (or another admin) removes something by accident, we can restore previous versions of your data.
  57. GDPR Compliance
    Honeycommb communities are compliant with the latest General Data Protection Regulations.
  58. Custom JS Code Injection
    Implement retargeting campaigns by injecting custom tracking pixels and code snippets into the head of your web platform.
  59. Zapier Integration
    Honeycommb is fully integrated with Zapier creating opportunity for you to connect Honeycommb to other software and to automate all kinds of actions.
  60. Shopify Plus Integration
    Honeycommb can be integration with Shopify Plus, creating a more seamless experience for your members.