The only full featured, white-label social network platform in the world.

  • Lady Gaga
  • MLB Players Association
  • Penn State FLC
  • Qnary Inc.
  • U. Michigan Letterwinners
A Complete Platform
Accessible On Any Device or Browser
  • iOS, Android, and Web app
    With Honeycommb, you get native, fully functional, feature complete apps that on every platform. Web includes SEO optimized pages.
  • App Store Product Pages
    Your assets grow with Honeycommb. Your apps being in the app stores open up new markets and opportunities for new audience members.
  • Custom App Icon
    Owning real estate on your audience’s smart phone is an incredible way to stay connected, top of mind, and to generate loyalty.
  • Focused Subject Matter
    Behind a tap of that icon is a world focused purely on your organization or brand offering the kind of context you audience longs for.
  • Complete Platform Support & Always Improving
    A lot goes into supporting these platforms. We take care of it all - and we're continuously improving the Honeycommb product suite!
A Surprising Amount of Control
Your Audience, Your Content, Your Data
  • Ownership
    Honeycommb is your platform for gathering and engaging your audience but you own all the data that's created within it (user, content, & engagement).
  • Public or Private?
    Like many other aspects of your network, it’s entirely up to you to make this a public or completely private network - with the flip of one switch.
  • Control Center
    A powerful and complete network management tool gives you access to all branding, content, users, data, communication tools and more.
  • Content & Messaging
    From direct messaging to custom notifications, Honeycommb has a suite of tools for content creation, moderation, promotion, & communication.
  • Look & Feel
    More than a few colors, Honeycommb gives you control over many apsects of the experience, right down to what the “Like” icon looks like.
Endless Features & Options
Feature-rich Social Network & Control Tools
  • A Curated Experience
    Every user can curate their experience by what other members they chose to see content from and what groups they belong to.
  • Member Content Creation
    From simple text-based content to Live! video, your audience generates value for the entire network through their ability to create.
  • Custom Groups
    Our groups feature takes your social network beyond posts and profiles. Deeper organization in your network means better connections.
  • Conversation
    From live chat, post conversations, direct messaging, to hosted events, conversation is engaging & ever-present inside the network.
  • Connected
    Your audience, who all have something in common, can connect with each other in many ways; groups, live chat, direct messaging, and more..
  • See full feature list...
Audience Insight
Know Thyself, and Thy-Audience
  • Product Store Data
    Insight from Apple and Google from users all over the world who view and download your application.
  • Member Data
    Contact information, geolocation information, device data, and so much more allows you to know your audience like never before.
  • Engagement Data
    See what your members and groups are viewing, engaging with, and responding to the most.
  • Notifications
    Want to know who received, opened, and interacted with your notifications. With Honeycommb - you can.
  • Custom Reports
    We work with you to generate custom reports regarding the data you care about most - whenever you need it.