✋ Frequently Asked Questions

  • Honeycommb is the world’s leading all-in-one platform for independent social networks. It’s a turn-key solution that lets anyone launch a modern social network they own and control with minimal effort, cost, and time. Honeycommb is a feature-rich, beautifully designed, adjustable set of social applications familiar to people because they align themselves with common social networks.
  • Anyone who wants to gather, engage, and even earn revenue from a community of people online in a modern, social environment use Honeycommb. What brands, creators, and organizations of all kinds that use Honeycommb have in common is the desire for ownership and control over their network, audience, brand, content, data, and revenue.
  • Absolutely. You own all of it and can take it with you if you chose to move on at some point. Honeycommb does not leverage your content and data in any way other than to serve your network.
  • Pricing is based on member "tiers", the total number of regsitered members in your network that resides in a range of members, like 1k - 5k members. You get every feature with no limits. Honeycommb also offers a handful of addons that you can add to your subscription at any time, like professional, dedicated mobile apps, which are a basic monthly fee of $299 (+ a launch fee).
  • Because it’s the most fair approach and it allows us to keep pricing as low as possible. The basic math is - the more people that use your network the more it costs Honeycommb to support it. We offer add-ons so that networks aren’t paying for things they don’t require but are available if needed.
  • Honeycommb has delivered mobile apps to Apple and Google Play App stores in as little as 48 hours. The typical process to create required assets, build mobile apps, and submit them to Apple & Google for review takes about 1 business week.
  • Yes, using our mobile-friendly web solution and single sign on technology, you can integrate a Honeycommb network into an already existing mobile application. This will require some development on your side but it is entirely possible and used by others.
  • Yes, if you want to take the white labeling aspect of your apps even further, we can use our custom pipeline to publish your apps directly to your own developer accounts. This is an add-on feature.
  • Yes, you can cancel your account at any time. Mobile apps subscriptions do require a 1 year term. Note that you can create a Honeycommb network for free (no credit card required) and try Honeycommb for 14 days. To keep the network, you must add a valid payment method in your Control Center before your free period ends. If not, the network will close and be permanently deleted within 30 days.
  • The Honeycommb Subscriptions feature-set is a beautiful system built right in to your Honeycommb network. It’s also a massive and complicated system to improve, support, and maintain. Instead of making this feature-set an upfront, large cost, Honeycommb makes it free and takes a small percentage of each transaction, one that you could pass on to your members with a minor increase in your subscription price.
  • Yes. Honeycommb has an enterprise solution where we create a dedicated instance for your government agency or organization using technology stack services required by the platform and storage solutions chosen by you. Please contact sales at sales@honeycommb.com or through our contact page.
  • Honeycommb has an extensive support site for you to learn all about how to set up, launch, grow, and earn revenue from your network. The Honeycommb Success inbox is a great way to connect with our Success Team. They are extremely responsive, especially to those in the setup and mobile apps launch phase.
  • Absolutely! If you have watched our overview video and have had a good look around this site, you can schedule some time to talk with someone at Honeycommb here . We love to connect with those evaluating Honeycommb and other solutions. Honeycommb is a palette of colors for people to build beautiful, valuable, vibrant online communities and we love nothing more than helping community builders do just that.
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Create Your Network

If you want to organize and engage a group of people of any kind, Honeycommb is a fit. No code. No drag. No drop. Just name it, create it, and customize it with simple clicks in a sweet Control Center that gives you all the power to launch the independent social network you’ve always dreamed of (mobile apps too!).