Honeycommb for Remote Teams

Honeycommb is a powerful tool to project and provide culture to remote working organizations. A branded, online social network *just* for your organization connects your employees and allows them to socialize their work & ideas, and to celebrate accomplishments toward your organizations shared goals.

Top 10 reasons remote teams need a branded community

Modern workforces are global teams that embrace remote work. But this “remote-ness” creates a physical & emotional disconnection from the organization, the values of the business, and the people who work together and move shared business goals forward. Honeycommb is the bridge to reconnect these things.

  1. Stronger Teams

    Trust is fundamental to high performing teams and is built through sharing and open communication.

  2. *Your* Brand

    Internal brand is a powerful tool to align employees and reduce turn-over. Increase your brand equity with a branded platform.

  3. Culture Matters

    “Our success is in the culture of our company & our ability to project our philosophies throughout the organization.”
    - Ken Iverson

  4. Higher Engagement

    Improve awareness & participation in company initiatives, social or professional.

  5. Break Silos

    Encourage interdisciplinary sharing throughout the organization. Easily highlight & celebrate initiatives by every group & team.

  6. Make People Accessible

    Make it easier for employees, especially companies with international offices, to get to know each other.

  7. Improve Retention

    A major "bottom-line" item, Honeycommb helps retention by connecting employees and making them aware and feel more a part of the larger organization.

  8. Company Showcase

    Make sure your employees know about all the great things happening inside your organization. Make them feel like they're a part of something special.

  9. Better Communication

    Strong communication requires constant reinforcement and a multi-pronged approach. A central, social environment is a perfect place to communicate on all levels.

  10. Business Assets

    Your business now has apps in app stores and a web application dedicated to the people in your organization and the culture they create.