Honeycommb for Your Community

Give your community a modern, online social space to connect and share that's all their own; member content, profiles, messaging, conversations and more.

Top 10 Reasons why your community needs Honeycommb

Honeycommb is the most complete online community platform in the world. It's turn-key with beautiful applications that are feature-rich. It's also takes minimal cost, effort, and time to launch.

  1. *Your* Space

    With your own online social space, your community gets to gather, connect, and engage without distraction and with people they share something with.

  2. All Platforms

    Honeycommb's native mobile apps and full featured web application gives your people a cross-platform destination they can access from anywhere.

  3. True Ownership

    Honeycommb doesn't own your content or data, you do. That means no ads and no privacy issues whatsoever.

  4. Ultimate Control

    With ownership comes control. Also with Honeycommb comes a Control Center where you can administer and manage your community at every level.

  5. Brand Equity

    There are few things more meaningful for brands and organizations then brand equity. Honeycommb helps you build it not lose it.

  6. Private or Public

    Make your community public for anyone to register and be a part of or private where new registrants require review and approval. Your call!

  7. Capture Your Audience

    Honeycommb gives you amazing destinations, like your web applications and the Apple App and Google Play stores to easily get found and capture your audience.

  8. Customize It!

    From custom domains and brand elements to follow models and Direct Messaging rules, Honeycommb put lots of easy customizations in your hands.

  9. Content & Conversation

    Honeycommb gives you and your members the ability to create and distribute rich media content to the entire community, including the ability go live, along with conversations that happen on that content.

  10. Insight

    Weekly insights sent to your inbox From custom domains and brand elements to follow models and Direct Messaging rules, give you in depth knowledge of how your community is growing, who's active, what members are doing, and where the attention is.