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Aspire Recovery Center Partners with Honeycommb To Launch Social Network For Alumni of Aspire Addiction Recovery Program
September 17, 2019

Lubbock, Texas: Honeycommb announced a new partnership with Aspire Recovery Center to launch a social network for alumni who have completed rehabilitation programs at Aspire Recovery.

“Rehabilitation doesn’t end when folks leave our recovery center” says Robin Casey, Executive Director at Aspire Recovery Center. “We want to make sure our people stay connected in a safe, private environment that’s just for them. It’s important that they continue to build relationships and lean on the support channels and the people they had during their time with us” said Casey.

“We look to create communities that add meaning to the lives of those in the community” says Sean Duhame, CEO at Honeycommb. “By carving out a private space to connect and intimately share with other alumni of Aspire, the community members have a safe place to engage with others in a way that meaningfully connects people to each other.”

Honeycommb and Aspire Recovery Center are excited to create a dedicated, safe and focused destination for Aspire alumni.

An Organized Way To Stay In Touch:
Now, the entire community is gathered in one place. No more sporadic dialogue across a series of different platforms, everything exists under one roof and accessible from all digital devices.

Safe & Moderated:
As a moderated network, community leaders can keep the private network a safe space for every user to have the comfort and reliability that their contributions are meaningful.

Removal of clutter, noise, advertisements and other distractions, Aspire Recovery Community is only for the people in the community to connect with one another.

About Honeycommb: Honeycommb is a powerful social network automation engine that creates, deploys, and manages individual online communities at scale. With Honeycommb, brands, organizations, and community leaders can quickly and easily launch a customized, branded social network on iOS, Android, and web. A Honeycommb Control Center puts the power of community management in the hands of the network owner. Our platform combines cutting-edge design and world-class engineering, making it easier than ever to launch, manage, and own a social network of any size at an affordable cost.

Founded in 2016, Honeycommb, headquartered in Boston, MA, is a team of developers, designers, and success professionals who believe community is at the heart of a well-lived life.

About Aspire Recovery Center: Aspire is dedicated to assisting addicted individuals and families to restore health and a sense of well being and hope in their lives. It is our commitment to provide our clients with affordable individualized, best practice, and effective drug treatment while staying grounded in the principles of 12-step recovery. We believe this can bring about the change necessary to go on to experience a sober and productive life.


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