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One United USA Launches Community for Manchester United fans In The USA
February 20, 2019

Boston, MA: The One United USA Social Network was created to foster, build and develop the community supporting Manchester United in the United States.

With a growing community of United fans state-side, One United USA provides a gathering place for fans to congregate, engage and share all things related to their favorite club. As a focal point and entirely dedicated channel to Manchester United, fans and members have a fully immersive experience around the thing that they love most: Manchester United.

“We’re excited to bring an experience unlike any other to Manchester United Fans here in the States. The passion, love, and community around the club is absolutely amazing and this social network is a unique space for fans to take their love for the club to a whole new level,” says Sean Duhame, Honeycommb CEO. "One United USA saw this as an opportunity for supporters to stay connected with the club with them, grow the culture and inspire and unite our community while uniting our fanbase across more than fifty local supporter groups. We’re excited to bring everyone together on their most personal device, wherever they watch United,” says Jeremy Ross, Head of Growth at Honeycommb.

Creating strong connections between fans is one of the most powerful elements of increasing touchpoints with new Manchester United fans and engaging current fans on a deeper, more meaningful level. With a dedicated space for United fans in the States, this community is an aggregation of the best things in the digital space, all on one application.

This community is powered by Manchester United fans. Community members can create all sorts of content; upload videos, post photos, live stream or just share an opinion that’s on your mind.

Join Live Match Day Chats:
Whether it’s the FA Cup, Premier League or UEFA Champions League, we’re LIVE! on every Match Day. Fans looking to take their match day experience to a new level can keep the focus on what they love most: Manchester United. For an authentic match day environment, connecting with fellow Reds becomes much easier through dedicated chats about the match and only the match — no distractions!

Connect With Your Local Chapter:
Each Manchester United Supporter Club Chapter has its own dedicated space for connecting with other United fans on a local, personalized level inside the application. Local groups are a space for members to promote local events, have chats and share opportunities to connect with other Reds in your city!

About Honeycommb: Honeycommb is a powerful social network automation engine that creates, deploys, and manages individual online communities at scale. With Honeycommb, brands, organizations, and community leaders can quickly and easily launch a customized, branded social network on iOS, Android, and web. A Honeycommb Control Center puts the power of community management in the hands of the network owner. Our platform combines cutting-edge design and world-class engineering making it easier than ever to launch, manage, and own a social network of any size at an affordable cost.

Founded in 2016, Honeycommb, headquartered in Boston, MA, is a team of developers, designers, and customer-success professionals who believe community is essential to people's well-being and happiness.

About One United USA: The Official Membership and Supporters Club for Manchester United in the United States of America.


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