Effective Company Culture & Employee Engagement for Modern, Remote-friendly Organizations

Date: May 6, 2021
Times: 9am - 9:45am & 1pm - 1:45pm (EST)


Internal culture & communications has evolved; Social, informal conversations where employees learn about each other and build trust are practical gone, transparency and collaboration have taken a massive hit, and everything has become synchronous, siloed, distracting, work-only communication. The heart & soul of your company - its people and who they are, have become sidelined. Honeycommb wants to fix that.

  • Intro

    CEO & Co-founder, Sean Duhame, will introduce himself, our Speaker, and why a company that built social software for Lady Gaga wants to help solve for internal culture & communication.

  • Presentation

    Kevin Wilcox, who has been working in the human capital community space for the past six years, will dive deeper into aspects of how internal culture can directly impact retention rates, efficiency, and happiness of your employees. He'll show you how our customers leverage the Honeycommb platform to maintain their mission and keep everyone engaged no matter where they choose to work from.

  • Questions

    Sean and Kevin will be open to answer questions that any attendees may have. If time runs short, Sean or Kevin will follow up with a response via email.

“Our amazing culture has no place in MS Teams. That's why we use and love Honeycommb.”

Sean B
Talent & Culture
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