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Branded Help Center

Give your community that extra personalized touch for a pure white label experience.

Branded Help Center Overview
  • 1. Your Brand
    Use your brand with Honeycommb's help center solution, including documentation, to own the entire product experience (your members only interact with your brand).
  • 2. Custom Support Articles
    Is there something you want your community to be aware of specifically? Create your own articles and makes sure your community has everything they need answered.
  • 3. Handle User Support
    With your own help center, you can handle the support requests directly yourself and act as your brand with user support materials.
  • 4. Help Center URL
    Don't want to use Honeycommb's help center solution? Perfectly fine. Simply add the your help center's domain in your Honeycommb Control Center and you're good to go!
With Honeycommb you get a team of highly skilled people that continuously supports and improves the entire platform - like the feature above!

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