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Honeycommb is the only consumer grade, complete, custom social network solution in the world that gives you total control and ownership over all data and content.

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Infield Chatter
Infield Chatter
Maymount School of New York

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Lady Gaga Little Monsters Community
Client: MLB-PA (Infield Chatter)
Lady Gaga Little Monsters Community
Client: Lady Gaga (Little Monsters)
Lady Gaga Little Monsters Community
Client: Penn State FLC

A Complete, Beautiful, Feature-rich, Social Platform

Massive Scale   •   Content Creation   •   Live!   •   Social Registration   •   Chat   •   Direct Messaging   •   Custom Notifications   •   100+ more features...

The Honeycommb Social Stack

Every Honeycommb social network comes with a complete product, technology, and services package that is not only beautiful and consumer grade but is fully supported and always improving. Nothing else like it in the world.

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