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Custom Onboarding

First impressions are meaningful, which is why we’ve built a way for you to take ownership & control of that first impression in a simple but meaningful way - with language and image assets you can add and update anytime.

Custom Onboarding Overview
  • 1. Login & Registration
    Login & registration has been optimized for ease of completion so your members can easily join and participate in your community / network.
  • 2. Your Logo
    One of the primary reasons to create a custom network with Honeycommb is to put *your* brand first. Easily update your logo asset at any time with ease!
  • 3. Your Position Statement
    Your network provides its members with healthy context. Reinforce that context by articulating a simple, clear position statement for your network.
  • 4. Custom Images
    Create and easily upload up to 6 custom images that help you tell the story of your network to those who’ve downloaded it for the first time.
  • 5. Carousel
    Visitors can smoothly cycles through your images by swiping left & right. Your last carousel location with open up login and registration (so they don’t miss it!).
With Honeycommb you get a team of highly skilled people that continuously supports and improves the entire platform - like the feature above!

Get started launching your own Honeycommb custom social network now.