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Direct Messaging

Direct messaging creates stickier, more engaging, more valuable communities. It works cross-platform in real-time and allows you and your members to build meaningful relationships with each another.

Your Members Connecting

Conversation is at the heart of building relationships. 1 on 1 messaging allows this to happen at scale (every member) in your community *because* of your community.

“I love that the context of my community has brought people together in a meaningful way and that real relationships are being formed here!”

John Brooks
Rove Community Manager

Real-time & Optimized for Scale

Whether your community supports an internal organization or whether it's a massive, public, interest-based social network, having real-time communication ups the value you provide - big-time!

  • Cross Platform

    From your iPhone to their browser, easy communication in real-time

  • Active Inbox

    New messages and conversations are prioritized to the top

  • Notifications

    Custom notifications inform you of new messages (+ sound on web)

  • Settings

    Notifications, mute, and block - control is in your users hands

    and so much more...

Select a Permissions Model

Community owners can select what messaging permissions model they want to apply to their community;

Everyone Model: All members can direct message each other without restriction

Follow Model: Members must mutually follow each other in order to direct message one another

And so much more

In true Honeycommb fashion, we thought about every use-case, every edge, and have put great effort in to covering all of them. And making them beautiful of course :)

  • Online Status

    See what members are currently online and available for chat

  • Expanded View

    Expand your inbox on desktop for a full view optimized experience

  • Rich Media

    Images, videos, gifs, emojis... all you need for fun, engaging online chat!

  • Notifications

    New messages produce sound indicators on desktop & app notifications on mobile

  • Archive

    Declutter your inbox by removing unwanted messages

  • Settings

    Notifications, block, sound setting and more

  • Prioritized Inbox

    New conversations sort to the top with the # of new messages

  • Download & Full View

    Download rich media or open images in full view (desktop/browser)

Connect your people by giving them their own modern, beautiful, online social space.

Honeycommb works for all kinds of communities; those where communication, culture, and sharing is important, and those where viability (revenue) are a part of the picture.

Launch your full-stack community in as little as 1 day and for as low at $349!

Questions? Connect with one of our Success Managers to talk about your community. They’re experts and they love to “talk shop”!

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