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Charge for Membership

Hundreds of creators, coaches, artists and more use Honeycommb to charge membership for access to their branded Honeycommb communities.

Fully Integrated

No more hacking systems together. Honeycommb is the no-code community solution that has everything you need to capture, grow, engage, and monetize your community.

  • Turn-key

    Get up-&-running quickly and easily with a full suite of beautiful applications and management software.

  • Monetize Day One

    Connect your Stripe account, create your products and plans, and tell the world. Badabing, badaboom!

  • Full Control

    Honeycommb gives you the tools you need to run and deliver real value to your community.

“I still can't believe how easy it was to create my community, launch, and charge for membership. Honeycommb is like magic!”

John Brooks
Rove Community Manager

All The Bells. And Whistles.

Even in “Open-Beta”, we made sure to cover every need to make your membership community a success;

  • All Platforms

    Fully integrated into our Full Suite of native mobile and web applications

  • Products & Plans

    Create any number of custom products and plans, from free to paid, marketed throughout your community.

  • Optimized Checkout

    Fully integrated payments system; mobile payments, upgrade/downgrade, proration, promo-codes, and more.

and much more...

Under Your Control

Your entire community is under your control, including all aspects of your membership offerings.

  • Your Stripe Account

    Stripe is fully integrated into Honeycommb giving you total insight and management of your payments.

  • Customizations

    From currency to copy, you can create, customize, and activate a membership offering that fits your community.

  • Premium Access

    Create a suite of membership products that offer access to things like premium content and groups.

And so much more

In true Honeycommb fashion, we thought about every use-case, every edge, and have put great effort in to covering all of them. And making them beautiful of course :)

  • Freemium

    Offer members free access to your community but with restrictions.

  • Free Trial

    Offer new members a free trial period of a length that you chose.

  • Seamless Up/downgrade

    Members can upgrade & downgrade, with proration, making things simple for them and you.

  • Promo Codes

    One-time use, recurring, product-specific, member-specific and more.

  • Custom Offers

    Write in custom offers like merchandise, access to offline events - whatever!

  • Your Currency

    Set your local currency as the primary preference for displayed pricing.

  • Multiple Plans

    Offer recurring weekly, monthly, or annual plans - or just one. Your call!

  • Optimized Checkout

    Members can use credit or debit card and Apple or Google pay for easy checkout.

All-in-one: Community + Paid Membership

Honeycommb is the most complete community platform with the most integrated, powerful membership system.

Now in open-beta (it's new but it works beautifully!) - launch your community and paid membership program as quickly as you want.

Questions? Connect with one of our Success Managers. They’re experts and they love to “talk shop”!

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