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Livestream & Broadcast

Honeycommb's Livestream & Broadcast technology is the most complete, built-in, consumer-grade experience of any community platform. Whether you stream live classes, host interviews or broadcast live professional media (OTT), Honeycommb's solution is what you've been looking for.

Built In

Where other solutions require you to integrate yet another piece of software, Honeycommb's Livestream & Broadcast features are "native" (built-in) so all you and your members have to do is tap "Live".

  • Livestream

    You and your members can go live at the tap of a button and have any number of consecutive livestreams and viewers at a time.

  • Broadcast (RTMP)

    Stream a professional live broadcast using software like OBS, Zoom or Streamyard, directly to your audience in your Honeycommb network.

  • Beautifully Designed

    From high quality video to all kinds of controls, our Livestream feature is world-class for both the streamer and the watcher. Some have even said "better than Instagram!".

“This new Livestream feature is a game-changer for my community. It allows me to bring people together and deliver something really special really easily.”

Kim Pratt
Natural Kaos Community Owner


With real-time chat and *custom* reactions, your Livestreams become an incredible place for your community to connect and engage with you and one another.

  • Real-time Chat

    Real-time chat alongside the livestream gives the streamer and the viewers a way to connect.

  • Custom Reactions

    Upload a custom reactions set for viewers to send during a livestream as reactions to what the streamer is sharing - for everyone to see.

  • Anywhere, Anything

    Live events, interviews, QA, product launches... Livestream & Broadcast creates so many exciting opportunities for you and your members to connect.

In Sync

Not the boy-band, the Livestream; the video, the real-time chat, and the reactions - across all applications; iOS, Android & Web.

Whether your members are on your iOS application, your Android application, or your Web application (including mobile web), they all are experiencing the same Livestream.

A built-in bandwidth identifier will upgrade or downgrade the viewers video to optimize the real-time experience.

And So Much More

In true Honeycommb fashion, we thought about every use-case, every edge, and have put great effort in to covering all of them. And making them beautiful of course :)

  • Watch Later

    Livestreams are captured and turned into video posts for members to watch later.

  • Public Share

    For open communities, share a public link to promote community membership.

  • Premium Content

    Make your Live post "premium" for paying members only.

  • Viewers Count

    Know in real-time how many viewers a livestream has.

  • Elapsed Timer

    Know how long a livestream has been active.

  • Title & Body

    Add content to your livestream by adding a title and body.

  • Comments on/off

    Streamers can chose to turn comments and reactions off.

  • Custom Reactions

    Use our standard set or upload and edit your own, including the order.

Get Started

Honeycommb is the most complete, all-in-one, no-code community platform in the world. It's a white-label (your brand), turn-key solution that gives you simple but powerful customizations. You own all the content, data, along with complete control over the community with our proprietary Control Center.

Getting started and getting your apps live is easy. Get started on your own or connect with one of our Success Managers by scheduling a demo or completing the form here.

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