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Unlike most other community platform solutions, Honeycommb can be translated in to your community's language. Multilingual support needed? Honeycommb has that covered.

Complete App Coverage

Your iOS, Android and web applications all translated in to your preferred languages.

  • Default Locale

    Set a default locale as the preferred language for your applications.

  • Member Selected Language

    Your members can select and set their default language setting for application and email translation.

  • Custom Translations

    Set custom translations for specific words used throughout your applications.

  • Ongoing Coverage

    Honeycommb makes certain any new application language is translated into supported languages.

Transactional Email Translations

All emails created by the Honeycommb system, for example; password reset email, are translated into your members preferred language.

"Having a community platform translated into our community's language was a must. With this support, Honeycommb quickly became our chosen solution."

Walter Alessandro
Italian Community (coming soon)

Multi-lingual System

For massive multilingual communities and small communities focused in one language alike, Honeycommb's multilingual system makes translations seamless, allowing you and your members control over a preferred language.

1. Allows yo to set a default language
2. Allow your members to select their preffered language
3. Automatically detects a members preferred language through browser and application settings