Public or Private Network?

The Honeycommb technology and User Experience can scale from small, private networks meant for a specific group of people to connect and share privately - to massive, open social networks where anyone can join, connect, and share.

What's the Difference?
We offer a solution for all different types of networks and communities. The public option is best for larger groups of people who are joining a community based on their common interest(s). Private communities are ideal for those who want to have control over those who may join, participate, and view content - protecting what’s only meant for the eyeballs of your members.

Public Community examples: Sports teams, brands, entertainers, media personalities, fitness and lifestyle groups, influencers
Private Community examples: Non-profit organizations, membership-based groups, corporate organizations, alumni associations, private educational institutions
Features Public Private
Branded iOS, Android, and Web App
All Features + Support
Monetization Capabilities
Open Registration
Users Requests To Join
Pre-approve Users
Revenue Share Deal
Share Content Externally
Content Safe Within Network
With Honeycommb you get a team of highly skilled people that continuously supports and improves the entire platform - like the feature above!

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