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Single Sign On

SSO provides streamlined, secure user access. It simplifies the management of user IDs and passwords, both for users and administrators.

Single Sign On Overview
  • 1. Ultimate Control
    Use your organization's user access system for ultimate control over who can access your Honeycommb social network.
  • 2. Simplify Access
    Your members only need to manage one account to access all of your organizations important sign on services - like Honeycommb.
  • 3. Reduce Risk & Frustration
    Minimize bad password habits, help desk / IT support requests, and frustration of your members trying to remember multiple passwords.
  • 4. Integration
    Your app and web strategy can feel as if it's completely integrated with Single Sign On, offering productivity benefits.
  • 5. SAML 2.0
    The latest, greatest, and most widely supported SSO service. Your identity provider is required to support SAML 2.0.
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