Paid Membership Agreement

Last Updated: April 9, 2021

This Paid Membership Agreement sets forth the Agreement between you (the registered network owner, person or business) and Places App, Inc., DBA: Honeycommb (“we” or “us” or "our") regarding your use of our paid membership technologies.

1. Membership Terms

As an add-on system, you agree to allow Honeycommb to provide a Paid Membership system that will give your network the ability to charge network members a dollar amount for access to your community platform and/or features and/or content within your network.

2. Transaction Costs & Fees

  • You agree to allow Honeycommb to take 5% of the total transaction at time of each successful transaction.
  • You will be responsible for Stripe processing fees. See Stripe Pricing for the most up to date information on Stripe pricing.
  • You must create a new Stripe account through Honeycommb's Control Center.
  • Honeycommb is granted access to your Stripe account for auditing purposes.
  • You will be responsible for keeping your Stripe account in good standing with Stripe. A valid Stripe account in good standing is a requirement for the Honeycommb paid membership system to operate.
  • You are responsible for handling support inquiries regarding their paid membership program.

3. Earnings Payout

  • 3a. Network Good Standing
    Your Honeycommb network must be in "Good Standing", not in Client will only be eligible to receive their membership payouts if their Honeycommb network is in good standing.
  • 3b. Payout Schedule
    Your payout schedule is purely dependent on your Stripe account payout schedule, as will any other payment processor, such as Apple or Google, if applicable.
  • 3c. Payout Account
    Payouts will be made to bank accounts you establish with payment processors Honeycommb uses in your network, such as Stripe. You are solely responsible for these accounts and settings with payment processors.

4. Delivery of Goods & Services

  • 4a. Marketed Goods
    You create and market products & plans in your Honeycommb network. Honeycommb provides the ability for you to communicate those products and plans to your users. You can also market your products and plans outside of Honeycommb. This activity constitutes marketed goods and services. Honeycommb's software puts measures in place to protect customers from changes to products and plans they agreed to pay for but ultimately it is up to the you to deliver on your marketed goods and services as they relate to you product offerings. To that end, you own all the liability associated with delivery or non-delivery of marketed goods or services.
  • 4b. Software Understanding
    It is your responsibility to understand and implement the Honeycommb membership system software as it was intended. Honeycommb provides continuous access to support materials and updates to changes to help you understand and harness the system as it was meant to be used.
  • 4c. Honeycommb Membership Service Agreement
    Honeycommb agrees to 99% up time of all membership-oriented features and services provided by Honeycommb. Honeycommb can not provide a service level guarantee for third party services used by Honeycommb to provide its paid membership system, like payment processors.

5. Termination

Honeycommb reserves the right to restrict or terminate Client's access to their Membership feature for any reason but this wouldn't void their network's agreement term. Potential reasons for membership and/or community violations include but are not limited to;

• Delinquent payment for your Honeycommb Community
• Deliberate, consistent and proliferation of abusive, racist or hate speech
• Government intervention in the case of fraud or tax violations

# # #

Please send any inquiries regarding terms and policies to Support at Honeycommb at