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Custom Fields

Create your own custom fields that appear in your apps to collect information from your members; whether it’s required information needed in onboarding or unique information that members can answer and display in their profile.

Custom Fields in Registration

Add custom fields to your community's registration process and capture needed information for members to apply.

  • Required & Non-Required

    Add fields to registration that are either required or not required.

  • Non-Editable Fields

    Capture information from members that can't be edited later, like a personal ID.

  • Hidden Fields

    Gather information from members that you can access but isn't shown on their profile.

Custom Fields in Member Profiles

Create custom fields for members to fill out and display in their profile.

Members get to learn more about each other with information that pertains to the context of your community.

"I love custom fields. They add so much color & detail to our community!"

John Brooks
Rove Community

A Complete Set of Field Types

Being able to create your own custom fields is a very powerful & complete tool set for community admins.

Create any custom field type; text field, text area, boolean, single select, multi-select... and more.

Add validation to your fields, make fields required, make them hidden, lock them from being edited... yeah, we thought of everything.

And so much more

In true Honeycommb fashion, we thought about every use-case, every edge, and have put great effort in to covering all of them. And making them beautiful of course :)

  • Required Fields Gate

    All members must complete required fields to be able to interact with the community.

  • Field Title & Description

    Add title and description to show when fields are displayed.

  • Required / Not Required

    Mark fields as required and they will be included in the registration process.

  • Field Validation

    Apply specific answer requirements for your custom fields.

  • All Field Types

    Create any type of field: Text string, text field, yes/no, multi-select, and single select.

  • Add to Registration

    Add any custom field, required or not, to the registration process for new members.

  • Hidden Field

    Create fields that profile owners can see and edit but other members can't see.

  • Locked Fields

    Lock fields you don't want members to edit once they've completed the field.

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