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Create Your Custom Social Network

Honeycommb is built to be the most scalable social network creation platform in the world. We power a turn-key solution that can launch a social network in just a few days with industry-best level customization so your brand is in full control. See the full list below…

White-label Features
Our approach to white-labeling the Honeycommb platform comes from a deep respect for your brand and/or your communities needs and sensibilities. It's not just about how it looks, it's also about how it works.

Keep in mind that every white-label feature is completely under YOUR control. All updates are made in real time so you don’t have to communicate with a success manager to change anything. Pretty sweet.
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  • App Name & Icon
    Context is everything. *Your* branding, including the name of the app, creates a clear idea of what the community is all about. The outcome is positive behavior and happy community members.
  • Accent Color
    Add one accent color and change the entire feel of your application's experience. Set it as a brand color, a festive holiday or event color.
  • App Descriptions
    From app store descriptions to tag-lines and position statements, the purpose of your app and it's target customers are clear.
  • Onboarding (learn more)
    Add up to 6 custom onboarding images so you can excite people who have just download your app. Easily upload and edit the images at any time!
  • Sign Up Methods
    Honeycommb, depending on your use case, provides social registration (facebook & twitter) integration options, including Single Sign On (SSO).
  • Logos
    Logos for the iOS and Android app as well as for the web app gives your community the brand presence it needs.
  • Public or Private? (learn more)
    Do you want your community to be open to the world or private where only members have access to features and content? It's entirely up to you and as easy as a flip of a switch.
  • Custom URLs
    Your brand comes first, right down to the url of your Honeycommb web application. Set your custom URL as the web address for your Honeycommb web application.
  • Email Masking
    Instead of transactional emails, like password reset emails, coming from a @honeycommb[dot]com they can from your domain address for a fully branded experience.
  • Terms & Privacy Policy
    One of the things that makes Honeycommb unique is the ability for you to set your very own Terms of Service & Privacy Policies. We keep track of updates and what members have agreed.
  • Branded Help Center (learn more)
    Part of a complete white-label solution, your branded help center means your customers are interacting with your rand at all times and you're in complete control.
  • Menu Items (learn more)
    Customize up to 3 app menu items that link to web experiences within a mobile browser embedded within the application.
  • Verified
    Create and and apply a custom name for your "verified" members within your community. For example, verified members in Lady Gaga's community are called "Little Monsters".
  • Home Feed Dynamics
    Chose an opt-in or opt-out follow model. You can also chose to force "verified" content in to the home feed.
  • Groups & Group Art
    Groups are a great tool for organizing content, users, and experiences. Create unlimited groups with different access settings. Customize the name, description, icon, color, art and more…
  • Loading Image
    The first image members see when they open your app is your loading image. Change it as often as you want - or use it as a sponsorship opportunity.
  • Like Icon
    Yes, you can even customize the like icon! We use Honeycommb ourselves in order to connect and promote a positive culture. Our like icon is a bee with heart wings :)
  • Default Avatar
    For another touch of branding, set the default profile avatar icon for members (they can still set one for themselves)
  • Social Sharing
    Turn Social Sharing to other networks on or off depending on the context of the network.
  • Featured Posts
    Chose whether or not to put featured posts on the top of the home feed and how many (0-3).
  • Home Feed Banner
    Easily add a banner to the top of the home feed. Create it in your Control Center by adding text, an image, and a link (not required).
With Honeycommb you get a team of highly skilled people that continuously supports and improves the entire platform - like all those features above!

Get started launching your own Honeycommb custom social network now.