Honeycommb vs Discord

Looking at Discord as an online community solution? Are you a Patreon creator looking to give your patrons more for their subscription dollars? Consider launching a full-fledged, dedicated, branded, all-in-one social network with Honeycommb instead.

Thinking about upgrading from Discord to Honeycommb or doing research to understand which solution is best for you and your community?

If you’re wondering what the differences are between Honeycommb and Discord, we put together this no-nonsense overview...

Discord is a non-dedicated community solution where Discord members mostly interact through Discord’s desktop or mobile applications (no SEO). Honeycommb is like having your own branded Instagram or Facebook, where you have total ownership and control.

If you care about ownership, control, especially when it comes to brand and creating business assets that boosts your marketability and legitimacy, Discord, although inexpensive and easy to launch, is not recommended as an effective community solution.

Dedicated, Branded, and All-In-One

With Discord, you get a “server” that comes with a good bit of customization and moderation control - but it’s still within the Discord brand universe; their brand, their users, their rules (like user requirements before you can launch subscriptions), their control to change things whenever they like. Discord members can join up to 100 servers, creating lots of opportunity for distraction. Discord is available on mobile and desktop apps and the web but most use the service in apps due to its original intent and primary use of supporting live chat for gamers while playing video games.

With Honeycommb, you get your own dedicated, fully branded web apps with the ability to add professional mobile apps at any time. Your mobile apps sit in Apple and Google Play app stores, visited by tens of millions daily, pumping up brand SEO and offering. Honeycommb comes with all the tools and capabilities of a modern social network PLUS a fully integrated, feature-rich membership subscription solution for networks looking to earn revenue to support their community efforts.

Membership Subscriptions

Discord, like Honeycommb, has an integrated membership subscription solution that can unlock community membership, content, channels, and capabilities. Discord requires servers to have at least 500 members before subscriptions can be turned on for that server.

With Honeycommb, you can choose to turn on membership subscriptions and create subscription products at any time with no requirements, other than a connection to Stripe. The subscriptions feature-set allows for two kinds of subscriptions; 1. Community Subscriptions, 2. Group Subscriptions. Community subscriptions is a tiered subscription offering, including the ability to activate a freemium tier. Community subscriptions can bundle access to premium content, premium groups, premium events, and premium features giving network owners lots of room to create an intriguing tiered subscription offering.

Total Ownership and Control

With Discord, you and your members must adhere to *their* terms & conditions and guidelines. Getting your account suspended and even kicked off of Discord is not unheard of. You don’t own your servers members, data, or content. Members of your server are Discord’s members, not yours. Ownership and control go hand-in-hand. Without ownership there is no real control and with Honeycommb you have total ownership and control - even over the terms and policies *your* community must adhere to (you can write your own). From brand to data to members and content, it’s all yours. Because Honeycommb offers you a full suite of applications and features, there’s so much more to customize, control, and offer your members.

Create Your Network

If you want to organize and engage a group of people of any kind, Honeycommb is a fit. No code. No drag. No drop. Just name it, create it, and customize it with simple clicks in a sweet Control Center that gives you all the power to launch the independent social network you’ve always dreamed of.