Integrate Honeycommb with other software in your stack to create seamless login experiences, share, store, and update data, and to create automations that make life easier for you and delight your Honeycommb community members.

Custom Service Integrations

Honeycommb has created a number of custom service integrations with powerful and popular software solutions.

  • ⚡️ Active Campaign

    The ActiveCampaign integration syncs your Honeycommb network members with your ActiveCampaign contacts.

  • ⚡️ Adjust

    Adjust is a mobile attribution analytics platform so you can track the effectiveness of marketing your Honeycommb apps.

  • ⚡️ AppsFlyer

    AppsFlyer is a mobile attribution analytics platform so you can track the effectiveness of marketing your Honeycommb apps.

  • ⚡️ Facebook

    This integration includes the facebook SDK in your mobile apps so you can track your Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns.

  • ⚡️ Google Analytics

    The google analytics integration embeds web page view tracking into your Honeycommb web app to track web app engagement.

  • ⚡️ Mailchimp

    The Mailchimp integration syncs your Honeycommb network members with your Mailchimp contacts.

  • ⚡️ Mixpanel

    Track user behavior-based analytics in your Honeycommb web and mobile applications in your own Mixpanel account.

  • ⚡️ Shopify Plus

    Shopify Multipass allows users to seamlessly log into your Shopify store when they click on store links from your Honeycommb apps.

  • ⚡️ Thinkific

    The Thinkific integration allows users to seamlessly log into your Thinkific courses from your Honeycommb network.

  • ⚡️ Zapier

    The Zapier integration allows you to control your Honeycommb network via Zapier workflows.


Used for communication between two applications, webhooks allow you to send data to other applications or databases. Paired with Zapier, webhooks create opportunity for automations, like sending automated direct messages to new members.

  • 🪝 Users

    Webhooks include; User Created, User Approved, User Updated, User Destroyed, and User Flagged. Data includes custom field responses.

  • 🪝 Posts

    Webhooks include; Post Created, Post Featured, Post Destroyed, Post Flagged, and Post Liked. The Webhooks include a complete data-set with all post information.

  • 🪝 Events

    Webhooks include; Event RSVP Created, Event RSVP Updated, and Event RSVP Destroyed. Track and created automations based on member RSVP actions.

  • 🪝 Subscriptions

    Webhooks include; Subscription Created, Subscription Updated, Subscription Destroyed, Subscription Cancelled, and Subscription Restored.

  • 🪝 Payments

    Webhooks include; Payment Completed and Payment Failed. The data set includes everything you need to track and follow up on payments in your network.

  • 🪝 Other Actions

    Other webhooks include: Chat Message Created, Group Join Request, Like Created, Like Destoryed, Preapproval Created, and other action-based webhooks.

  • 🪝 and more...

    As the Honeycommb all-in-one community platform grows so does our library of webhooks. Looking for a webhook that doesn’t exist yet? We’ll create it!

Single Sign On - SSO

Have members use the same login credentials that they already use for your existing systems to login to your Honeycommb network. This can simflify login for your members and give you more control over credential security.

  • ☝️ One ID

    Members use the same credentials to login to all of your systems, including your branded, dedicated, Honeycommb web and mobile applications.

  • ⛔️ No Registration

    Registration for the network is no longer an options so only people who are in your credentials database can enter your Honeycommb network.

  • ✅ SAML 2.0

    Honeycommb support the SSO SAML 2.0 protocal. Honeycommb uses the ACS url and SP entity to plug into your identity provider.

  • ✅ OAuth2

    Honeycommb support the SSO OAuth2 protocal. Honeycommb uses the Callback url to plug into your identity provider.

  • 👀 and others...

    There are many SSO protocals. Is the one you’re looking for not here? Let us know. We can probably hook that up 🤓

Create Your Network

Amazing integrations and automations potential is just one of many reasons to host your online community on Honeycommb. Create your network, free for 14 days, or book some time to discuss your needs wih someone here at Honeycommb.