New & Upcoming Features

Read about the latest new features and improvements to the Honeycommb platform - the most complete all-in-one community platform in the world

Mar 4, 2024: Menu Items 2.0

Create and adjust your application’s menu items with even more customizations and controls πŸ“‚ πŸ”— 🏷️

Jan 15, 2024: Post & Event Notification Emails

Send an email to your community members when publishing a new post or event from your Control Center.

Sep 21, 2023: Posting & Livestreaming Paywall

Make posting and livestreaming a subscription benefit in your community subscription products.

Jul 13, 2023: Web Post Conversations

Having conversations on posts in Honeycommb's web application gets major upgrades in experience and features.

Jun 18, 2023: Control Center Post Creation

Network administrators can now create content inside Control Center 2.0 allowing them to post from any profile, schedule any amount of content, create Livestream RTMP and more!

May 1, 2023: Administrators & Roles

Improve the management of your community by giving others administrative privileges to your network’s Control Center.

Mar 22, 2023: Web Post Creation πŸ“Ž

Creating content in the web application is about to get a whole lot sweeter with posting to a group, adding file attachments, and a new interface!

Jan 23, 2023: Registration Success

User registration success gets a boost with a new Control Center feature-set in Grow/Preusers + new registration emails for improved registration completion and delivery.

Dec 9, 2022: Web Menu

Coming soon is a new web application slideout menu that more closely resembles the mobile applications and is more accesible to community members.

Oct 24, 2022: Events

Now available to all Honeycommb networks across iOS, Android, Web, and Control Center is our initial release of our massive new feature-set - Events!

Jun 18, 2022 - Control Center 2.0

A ground-up redesign and build of the Honeycommb Control Center is now available. Your entire network under your control and friendlier then ever! Have a look...