Your own mobile apps for just $299 a month

Launch a social network with branded, dedicated mobile apps available in the Apple App and Google Play stores in as little as a business week. No code. No drag. No drop. Honeycommb is a white-label, turn-key solution that's beautiful and ready to go!

Your Dedicated, Branded, Feature-rich Mobile Apps

Beautifully designed, professional (native), iOS + Android mobile apps that make you, your brand or your organization accessible in a modern way. In app stores as quickly as one business week.

  • πŸ“² App Store Product Pages

    Increased access and marketability with your own product pages in two of the largest marketplaces the world knows; the Apple App Store & the Google Play Store.

  • 🌠 Your Brand on Devices

    Your brand, easily accessibile on your members home screen, becomes the entry point to your own social network, earning your brand equity immediately and over time.

  • βš™οΈ Customizations

    Hundreds of customizations allow you to creater a mobile social network experience that fits the context of your community; branding, onboarding, automations, and more.

  • πŸ“± + πŸ’» Cross Platform

    A consistent user experience exhists accross web, iOS and Android devices. What happens in one application is synched accross all applications; iOS, Android and web.

  • 🏠 Home Feed

    No algorithms here, just content from you, members, and groups you’re in. Admins can easily feature content. Notifications and email inform members of new posts.

  • 🧭 Discover (browse)

    A Discover area, that can be customized, offers members the ability to browse and discover content, members, and groups to increase the opportunity for connectivity.

  • πŸ–ΌοΈ Content Creation

    Members can create and publish content to the network using onboard tools; camera for pic and video, and micrphone for video and livestreaming.

  • 😎 Profiles

    Every registered member exists within the community with a profile, a collection of their posts, acticvity, and About information that can be customized with Custom Fields.

  • πŸ“ˆ Activities

    Honeycommb autmatically catalogues and reports to every member all the activity that happens their profile and content so that can be aware and follow up on it at any point.

  • πŸ‚ Groups

    Groups have their own space in mobile apps. Members can browse, join, and particiapte in groups where they post content, real-time chat, and connect with other group members

  • Aaaand…

    From an integrated subscription system to livestreaming... really, it’s a long list. The best way to get to know Honeycommb is to experience it...

Mobile Apps F.A.Q.

  • Yes! Your brand icon sits on your members mobile devices. Your brand has a place in Apple App Store and Google Play marketplaces. You can easily manage your app store product pages right from your Honeycommb control center; Change your app icon, update the app name and description, among other things. Honeycommb makes getting mobile apps with your brand published to app stores and available to others easy!
  • Honeycommb has delivered mobile apps to Apple and Google Play App stores in as little as 48 hours. The typical process to create required assets, build mobile apps, and submit them to Apple & Google for review typically takes about one business week.
  • Note - If you pay for your mobile app subscription annually you don’t have to pay the launch fee! Creating, publishing, and maintaining mobile apps is a tricky, specialized business. It requires a good bit of manual effort. Honeycommb creates all the required graphics needed to launch your mobile apps, including screenshots and icons (with your brand and guidance). Our mobile pipeline team builds, submits, and manages your applications through the Apple and Google review and approval process. You also get a 1 hour session with a community success manager to help you set up your network, ask questions, work on network strategy or however else you want to spend the time.
  • Yes. Honeycommb has a separate mobile app pipeline to publish, update, and manage apps that are published to different developer accounts. This is an add-on for networks that are sensitive to making sure their brand owns the application experience.
  • A success manager will oversee your mobile apps launch process, working with you and keeping you informed all along the way. Your launch fee also includes a 1 hours training session with a success manager. You can use this time however you see fit. Access to our success inbox is open to all customers and is managed by a number of success folks at Honeycommb.
  • Honeycommb is a ready-made, pre-built solution, with beautifully designed, researched, and tested user experiences. There are a number of ways to customize the experience for your members by turning features on/off, adding and adjusting menu links, changing follow and direct messaging models, translations (change the word "Group" to "Topics" of you like), the many branding and graphics opportunities, and much more!
  • Yes, using our mobile-friendly web solution and a single sign on technology called JWT you can load your Honeycommb network into your mobile application. This will require some development on your side but it is entirely possible and used by others.
  • Our Mobile apps subscription requires a one year term. We do this in order to offer proffesional, dedicated, branded mobile applications at such a low cost. If after a year you chose to no longer use Honeycommb, you can cancel on your own at any time and your mobile apps will be removed from app stores.
  • Yes! Livestreaming is a native experience in our mobile apps, using the onboard camera, microphone, and data connection. With real-time live chat and customizable emoji reactions, livestreaming is an interactive and exciting experience that makes your network a valuable place to be.
  • Absolutely! If you have watched our overview video and have had a good look around this site, you can schedule some time to talk with someone at Honeycommb here . We love to connect with those evaluating Honeycommb and other solutions. Honeycommb is a palette of colors for people to build beautiful, valuable, vibrant online communities and we love nothing more than helping community builders do just that.
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