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A suite of beautiful, fully branded pro web & native mobile apps. Your community will thrive and thank you for them!

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The value of dedicated mobile apps for your community can't be understated. And launching them on Honeycommb couldn't be easier. Maintaining mobile apps and relationships with app stores is serious business - business that we take care of so you don't have to.

One-time Cost
Launch Fee
Monthly/Annual Cost
User Cost
Add-ons (optional)
Services (optional)
User Cost Table
Honeycommb pricing grows with your community. A “user” is any fully registered member of your community.
# Of Users
$300  / mo
$500  / mo
$1,000  / mo
$1,800  / mo
10,000 +
Launch Fee
A one time fee to build & deliver your native mobile apps to Apple and Google app stores and to make sure you effectively launch your community.
Launch Item
Apple & Android Apps Build & Delivery to App Stores
Application Asset Creation (icons, screenshots, etc.)
1hr Training and Platform Configuration Session
Success Manager Access for Launch Support
Available Add-ons
Not every community needs or wants every feature, so we offer them as add-ons.
Available Add-on
Publish to Developer Account i
$99  / mo
Custom Domain (most popular) i
$50  / mo
Email Masking i
$25  / mo
Branded, Dedicated Help Center i
$60  / mo
Remove Honeycommb Branding i
$99  / mo
White Label Bundle (all above) i
$249  / mo
Zapier License i
$250  / mo
Language Translations i
Premium Live Video i
Membership Suite i
5% Fee
Available Services
We’re experts at launching, growing, and engaging communities, whether they’re internal workforce communities or membership based communities. Honeycommb provides services to help you make your Honeycommb community a success without having to hiring a team of your own.
Available Service
Premier Launch i
Community Coach i
Full Service i
Hco Agency i
10 Frequently Asked Questions
  • After payment is complete & your agreement is signed, we’ll share your control center and web app immediately. Once app requirements are approved (by you) we'll submit to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. From there, it typically takes between 24 - 72 hours to pass the marketplaces’ review process.

    Ultimately, we move at your pace. If you want to launch the same day, we can do that. If you want to launch at a point in time in the future, we can do that too :)

  • We take pride in making sure that your community fits your brand’ standards and guidelines. Whether you’re starting from scratch or have an existing brand guide, you can customize everything from app store listings to your app icon even down to details like the “like” icon. Our success team creates and resizes your assets so they fit correctly your iOS, Android, and web apps in the launch process. Learn more about your branding in our white-label solution.

  • Yes! Please reach out to our team to hear more about our web-only offering:

  • We are entirely GDPR compliant. We are committed to staying up-to-date with all international government requirements in concern to online, data, privacy and stored user information. In addition, you’re able to set your own Terms of Service, Data Policies, and Privacy Policies for your community members.

  • You can expect world-class support from your Honeycommb Success manager throughout the life of your network. We’re here to help you build your community into a successful and engaged place for your people. Whether it’s growth, engagement, or communication and activation, we’re here to make sure you have everything you need to build a blossoming community.

  • Because YOUR audience is important and when you gather an audience on other social platforms they're not "yours." You’re renting THEIR audience’s attention (at best); THEY control your user’s data, THEY limit reach to your audience, and THEY make you spend money in hopes of targeting “specific” audiences according to THEIR parameters. You're also subject to any changes THEY want to make in the future - changes that could easily affect your brand/business. And how long until they become uncool (Facebook). Stop spending money adding value to THEIR platforms and spend it on your own!

  • Honeycommb has custom, seamless integrations with Shopify Plus, MailChimp, and AppsFlyer and others.

    Honeycommb also has a full integration with Zapier, making any number of automations between Honeycommb and other platforms you use endless.

    Our control center also supports custom webhooks to push events and activities that happen within the Honeycommb platform to other platforms and apps such as HubSpot, Slack, Google Docs, and many others. This is a very friendly, flexible, and extensive way to connect actions in your Honeycommb network to data storage solutions and other products outside of Honeycommb.

  • Honeycommb has a fully integrated paid membership product that allows you to monetize your community from day one. Create any number of paid membership tiers, attach your Stripe account for daily payouts, launch your network and your off and running! Communities with substantial size can also monetize through a simple paid sponsorship feature built into the Honeycommb platform. Others monetize by providing brands access to their audience through creative content programs, like Live product demonstrations, groups, hosted live chats and more.

  • Yes! Please, feel free to download and join our demo community, HoneyJar, and test out all of our features like live streaming, joining a group, commenting with GIFs, etc. iOS | Android | Web

  • Yes, we support single sign-on (SSO) using SAML 2.0.

  • This is where CTA content goes. It's fixed, and does not change when a question is selected.
Be the listed "developer"

To take brand control even further, Honeycommb can publish apps directly to your developer account on both Apple and Google App stores making it look like you're the developer and putting you in complete control.

Your Brand's URL

Use your own custom domain for your web application to further brand your community and provide your members with a fully-branded experience.

To further control the branded experience for your transactional emails (think "reset password" email, etc.), Honeycommb can mask our email domain to add yours.

Your Branded Help Site

To further control the branded experience for your community, have your very own branded help site where you can create your own guidelines and resources.

Remove Honeycommb Branding

Remove all instances of Honeycommb branding throughout all applications and email.

White Label Bundle

All of the branding customization add-ons above are a part of the White Label Bundle at a reduced rate.

Unlimited Zaps!

Honeycommb has full integration with Zapier. We will give you access to our Zapier account with unlimited 'zaps' and our support to help you.

More Live

The amount of "Live" time each community gets is relative to the size of the community and built into the user cost table. Need more? Premium Live is your way of getting it.

Multi-lingual Support

Need the application translated to another language? Yeah, we can do that. There is an upfront and ongoing cost associated with initial creation of the translation and ongoing support.

Offer Membership

Honeycommb's membership system is the best fully integrated offering in the market. You can offer unlimited products and plans, promo codes, analytics... big time!

Premier Launch

More platform education, dedicated goal setting meeting, monthly check-ins and more - all from your dedicated Honeycommb Success manager.


Community launch, growth, engagement, management... there can be a bit to making your community successful. Hire a Community Coach to help with it all.

Full Service

Get everything from launch support to coaching to light community management. We designed this to make sure you get the most out of the platform without it being yet another thing on your plate.

Agency-Level Service

We have communities that hire entire teams to make their network the place their members want it to be. Hiring Honeycommb to be your tactical community agency means you get the benefit of platform expertise and community success knowledge at scale. Let's talk.