Control Center 2.0

June 18, 2022 - Say hello to the all-new, easy to use, easy to love Control Center where you can manage every aspect of your Honeycommb network under one roof (even your mobile apps).

Almost a year in design, development, testing, and deployment is the all new Control Center, a completely new system from the ground up - all aimed at one thing; helping network owners manage thier networks with ease in order to promote community success at every level.

For years we and our network owners survived on an off-the-shelf solution for the Control Center that was far from a perfect fit. Knowing that a homegrown solution would be best for our customers was a painful bandaid to rip off but with a ground-up custom design and build, the Control Center is now the first-class citizen we always wanted it to be.
Sean Duhame, CEO

The Control Center is a separate piece of online software that network owners and admins use to customize and manage their enitre Honeycommb network. From brand and language settings to every piece of content created, the Control Center gives you real time access to manage every detail of and within a network.

This new Control Center leans heavily on a design system of basic interactions that create impactful outcomes. Common, simple interfaces make a deep and wide product easy and fast to use. The all new Control Center is now available to all Honeycommb network owners.

Primary areas in the Control Center include;
- Overview
- Posts
- Members
- Groups
- Events
- Grow
- Engage
- Subscriptions
- Community Settings
- Integrations
- Account & Billing

Overview Page

Your first view when logging in will be the network Overview page. This gives network owners and admins a quick look at the health of their network, from growth and engagment numbers to most engaged members and content with a specicif period of time.

For the first time, Honeycommb is storing and reading its own engagement data (every interaction) in order to give network owners a view of network growth and engagement over time. Plans to capture more and deepen our own data center are in progress.

Posts and Members

Posts and members are primary objects in your network. They generally function the same; real-time object created in your network that appear in your control center so you can easily view, edit, and manage them.

Both posts and members has a list view, object view, and a create and edit view as well as a number of actions, including batch actions, associated with each object giving you total control over what exists, or not, in your network.


Like posts and members, Groups gives you a list view, object view that includes tabs for content, members, and chat, as well as a create and edit view, allowing you to easily create and manage groups at scale.


Released in October of 2022, Events is the latest addition to the Control Center. At this point, the views for each object are probably becoming familair; list, object, create and edit. This is also true for events.

Events is somewhat unique in that they are time-based and may move in the list view based on the relative start date to the current day. Events, in the object view, also have a RSVP tab that allows you to manage RSVPs to the event.


The Grow area contains three section; 1. Pre-user, 2. Invite Members, 3. Member Referrals.

1. Pre-user: A pre-user is a someone who has begun the registration process but has not completed their registration yet. This gives you a look into those are in the process of registering or who may have gotten stuck.

2. Invite Members: Invite members gives you a simple form to invite members by email. Invitation emails are sent to those you enter into the form.

3. Member Referrals: Each registered member has a unique referral link. When they invite others from the app and their invitees click on the referral link, Honeycommb tracks clicks, registration success, and even revenue generated from the referral for membership subscription network.


The Engage area contains three section; 1. Mobile Notifications (only for those whith mobile apps), 2. Feed Banner, 3. Hashtags.

1. Mobile Notifications: Easily create, schedule, and send mobile notifications, with tap-target settings (where a user goes when they tap the notification) included.

2. Feed Banner: Add a sticky notification at the top of everyones web and mobile app home feed to elevate a message you want the entire network to see. Add a link to the feed banner to direct members to a link either inside, like an event, or outside the network.

3. Hashtags: Create and manage hashtags, including Featured Hashtags, that members create in your network to organize or call out content.


The subscriptions area has everything you need to setup, create, and manage community or group subscriptions. The Subscriptions area includes; 1. Subscription settings, 2. Subscription Products, 3. Promotions.

1. Subscription settings: Connect your own Stripe account and add in-app promotion content when new members enter your network or interact with items in your network that require a subscription.

2. Subscription Products: Create either community or group subscription products easily all on your own. For freemium communities, edit and activate your freemium product, already in your products list.

3. Promotions: Easily create promotions and promo codes for your subscriptions products that you can as incentives to grow your subscription business.

Community Settings

Community Settings is packed with all kinds of ways to customize your network. Quickly and easily effect how members onboard, the branding of your network, and even the management of the settings of your iOS and Android applications.


Honeycommb networks worth with and can send data to and from software and data bases using our many integration solutions. Integrations includes: 1. Service Integrations, 2. Webhooks, 3. Web Feeds, 4. Single Sign on.

Account & Billing

The Account & Billing section allows you to manage your Honeycommb network account and billing, including upgrade and downgrade, all on your own. Systems to help you manage failed payments and update payment methods are also in place.

To learn more about the Control Center, visit the Control Center feature page here, or visit the Control Center area in the Honeycommb Knowledgebase here.

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